This high capacity carrier maximises the number ofdrawings stored per square metre of floor space, and iseasily maneuvered around the office. It will hold amaximum of 20 hangers, fitted with or without handles, andoffers a capacity of up to 2000 sheets, depending on paperweight.

Model                Sheet Capacity          Height      Width           Depth

TA1/TCADA1   2000                         960mm       725mm      640mm

TA0                    2000                        1260mm      915mm      640mm

TCADA0           2000                        1360mm     1000mm     640mm

Packaging Details

TA1/CAD Package Weight 11.9Kg

TA0 Package Weight 14.5Kg

TA0CAD Package Weight 14.9Kg

Assembly Details

Tools included;- 5mm hexagonal key and an open 14mm spanner.Tools required;- No additional tools required.Assembly suitable for one person.